What is “Upheaval in Zhaltssom”?

“Upheaval in Zhaltssom” is a story of the racially-diverse Kingdom of Orozhaki, within the realm known as Zhaltssom. A run-in with a mystic artifact from the prior pantheon of gods prompts a struggle to prevent a demonic warlord from decimating the kingdom.

Be warned, while this campaign uses Pathfinder rules, it does NOT follow the Pathfinder setting in any way. It uses a custom setting, known as “Zhaltssom”. Please refer to the Wiki section for further details on the setting itself.

Status: Closed until Next Season

Season 1 “Orozhaki” Completed

Season 2 “Kinphathun” Start Date: UNKNOWN

Known Changes in the Next Season:
-A new kingdom, more totalitarian in nature than Orozhaki
-New races:
==Asters (minotaur-like creatures who are much more cunning than their intellects suggest)
==Attilians (boar-people who are aggressive and brutal, best compared to orcs)
==Mouflans (sheep-like creatures who are barbaric but follow strict hierarchies)
==Gomphotheres (superficially elephant-like creatures who are deeply spiritual)
==Capensians (destructive and chaotic hippo-people)
==Theraphodes (massive spider-like people who are master artisans)
==Swarmers (fiendish grasshopper-like creatures with insatiable appetites)
==Karubu (avian/cat hybrids, kind of like gryphons, with a celestial tinge)
==Sitrans (winged leopards with an exceptional seductive streak)
==Fulvans (an unusual feathered offshoot of the canids who often wallow in filth)
-Playable stats for the sciurids
-Fleshed-out deity descriptions
-Deific subordinate demigods?

Upheaval in Zhaltssom