Upheaval in Zhaltssom

Adventure Session 11

The End of the War

Part 30: Requisition

While Fiona and Bruin rested in preparation for the final encounter, Rephael sought to make Itri his successor. This included a last will and testament that would have left the temple to Itri, as well as binding part of his spark to Itri’s gun.

Meanwhile, Drake sought to have Damian requisition for an army to face the rakshasas. Several days after the requisition attempt, Dorian sought Drake out to deliver the bad news. Apparently, unnatural disasters had struck the Orozhakian kingdom’s capital. All military and medical personnel on the kingdom’s payroll proper were needed to help people and maintain order during the crisis. However, others had answered the call who were not in that kind of position. In addition to Drake, Rephael, Bruin, and Fiona, those who answered the call for battle were Damian, Dorian, Itri, Minh, Dominic, Leticia, Marcus, Mathias, Rantrabi, Quianna, Okara, and Shun.

Damian explained that there would be two teams going into the palace, which he had been able to pinpoint exactly thanks to the surge of energy that accompanied the unnatural disasters. The heroes would captain the first team and Damian himself would captain the second.

Part 31: The Final Battles

The palace itself had been magically changed by the magic used to attack the kingdom. Zheng left it a straight shot, but the party ran into Gozuki and Mezuki one last time. These two claimed that all of their combats were, for lack of a more adult term, little more than a big party to them. This time, they brought guests – a horse demon named Orobas, a manta ray-like demon called Forneus, and an owl demon named Andras. These five were imbued with training from Zheng herself, and all were very dangerous individually. Working in concert, they would have annihilated our heroes and their entire team – and Mezuki did in fact kill Bruin and Rephael for a brief time.

On the other side, Damian’s team encountered the remaining rakshasas – Marjani Patil, Sethunya Sykora, and Kunto Patil. They also discovered that Samir and Oluchi Shulac had been revived. However, the three living rakshasas surrendered immediately after the two antipaladins were taken out. Damian’s team also put an end to one last room of resurrection crystals when they heard Itri calling for help. They responded in force to help the heroes’ team, also giving Dorian the chance to banish Gozuki and Mezuki outright.

After healing their wounds, the party went to face Zheng Horak. She attempted to give them a long speech, but Drake used the trick of making his hands appear behind her and using the ring of retribution one more time. This shocked her so much that she could put up little resistance to the party, despite an abundance of traps around her. Zheng revealed in her final moments that she knew she had no hope of redemption, so Rephael beheaded her.

This ended the unnatural disasters. The kingdom had been saved.

(Epilogues will follow separately.)



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