Upheaval in Zhaltssom


Where Are They Now?

The Party

Of all the heroes, Fiona was the least scarred by her experience in the war against the rakshasas. She had already been planning to open a school and library with the funds she had earned, and now, her dream was a reality – “Al-Kutbay, Nabataean”. Even among the libraries in the northern regions of the kingdom, this one was legendary, not only for the deeds of the librarian and her employees, but for its vast contents. Upon the completion of this library, Fiona did temporarily halt her adventuring, but only long enough to write a book chronicling the adventure. She does occasionally adventure otherwise, when the time allows.

Rephael’s sacred mission was temporarily delayed, but not by the fact that he died in the final battle against the demons. His delay was instead to further educate his successor, Itri Patil, and his new apprentice, Marjani Patil, about his gods and what they stand for. Aside from this education, his battle to absolve Dou-Bral continues. Redeeming a god is not easy work, but Rephael’s ability to redeem creatures widely considered wholly evil has given him the strength to carry on.

Drake retired from his adventuring career. He had seen much and discovered one of his dreams – becoming a royal chef. The path to this dream was a little difficult at first – the king’s cooks knew of his heroic deeds but not so much about his cooking ability, and it took Drake a while to persuade them that he was worthy of the position. They discovered that Drake was able to prepare almost anything, even foods normally considered toxic. It was this talent, and an intuition honed by his adventuring time, that allowed Drake to rise in position. He is just shy of leading these chefs after successfully preparing drone selachim meat as edible and non-toxic sushi, a task usually considered impossible by all but the best-trained chefs of the kingdom.

Bruin was the most affected by the war with the rakshasas. Having danced with death too many times, and actually dying near the end, he realized he was not the warrior he believed he had been. He has become something of a wanderer, leaving most of his possessions with Fiona and donating his remaining money to the orphanage he helped create. Only his scimitar remains with him. In time, perhaps he will return. No one knows.

Supporting Cast

Damian returned to his post as Nathkarin’s ruler. Having witnessed the depths that enemies will stoop to in order to eliminate him, he has become very cautious about public appearances and actually accepting gifts from anyone. Security is much higher in the town, particularly when Damian makes a public appearance.

Dorian was now the leader of the town of Bludzen. It was a position thrust upon him after Samuel Darrin’s death, with responsibilities he was not ready for. He spends a lot of his time educating Cecilia, his blood descendant, and Okara, who needed guidance, on how best to use their vampirism to benefit others.

Leticia became something of a solo adventurer, using her new-found worldly experience to single-handedly put a halt to many of the minor threats around the kingdom. Her specialty remained demon-hunting, which she was much better able to do after having adventured with the party. She does occasionally visit her clan, who are very proud of what she has become.

Mathias and Minh now serve under Fiona, working at the library she established. Mathias has also been seeking help from other shapechangers, trying to decide on his new course in life with most of his pack dead. Minh is a fair bit calmer and has been known to spend a lot of nights researching, trying to find information he can use to twist the rakshasa mindset towards better purposes. He wants to see his people become more respectable.

Dominic got his name cleared and was released from prison after helping the kingdom. He is the only former prisoner that anyone would let near an orphanage, and he entertains children by day while hunting criminals and assisting bartenders at night. It is still his dream to search for the ideal brew.

Quianna was given a new job as a tax collector for the kingdom. She is generally only called upon when high-profile people refuse to pay, as she invariably has to steal the tax money in order to do her job.

Rantrabi was now an adviser for the king on matters of weaponry. He spends his days designing prototype siege weapons, and occasionally ventures out to test them.

Isora now leads his tribe. Having the most worldly experience and assisting in battles against their enemies, this was the obvious choice.

Shun finally resumed her quest for vengeance. This has left her a wanderer much like Bruin.

Secondary Incidents

One of Drake’s habits as a royal chef is using his cooking as a means to send messages to those he knows. Some genuinely appreciate his style. Others, like Rephael, aren’t so understanding. Drake sends a fair number of pork buns and balls of cabbage towards Rephael, always trying to convince him to eat the meat rather than the vegetable. The occasional one makes it as close as the temples of Rephael’s gods, but these usually get used as teaching aids by the Shelyn clergy – in lessons about resisting temptation. Others do not make it at all, with both meat and vegetable getting eaten by someone else on the way. Ironically, this has made Drake’s cooking very popular among those in noble circles.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Gozuki and Mezuki returned, having been banished back. They relayed their tales to other demons between sessions of torturing the damned, and while a few found their repeated defeats to be shameful, many of the demons were thrilled by these stories. Knowing that beings like Rephael exist in the Prime Material has made most of the demons hesitant to accept any summoning rituals, but they all bide their time, waiting for an opening to storm this world that is new to them and wreak havoc.



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