Analita C. Hirudinea

An arvicol with something of a reputation in the criminal underworld


Analita works entirely through proxies, so little is known about her own abilities. It is believed that she mind-controls people, but this remains unconfirmed.


No one truly knows when Analita took power in the underworld, but the underworld knows this arvicol pretty well. Or at least, they think they do. The image of an undead rodent with her penchant for cruelty is depicted in some way or another in nearly every criminal enterprise in the Orozhakian empire. Legitimate businesses tend to get hit hard by her proxies and attempts to track her down or find out the truth about her have all led to failure.

As it would turn out, all of these rumors are utterly and completely false. Analita is part of the black market, sure, but she in no way is responsible for any criminal acts, nor is the main bulk of her Tecciz-worshipping sect. The problem turns out to be a rogue faction who has decided to commit wanton acts of terrorism in the western parts of the Orozhakian kingdom, leading to a bounty on Analita’s head.

Analita C. Hirudinea

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