Bruin Medvedev

Male Ursin Barbarian


Phenomenal Strength, very good Constitution. Other stats are above average except for Wisdom, which is below average.

Taller than the standard for his race.

Reasonably skilled in matters related to nature and survival.

Wears scalemail (which sometimes looks like normal clothes) and wields a variety of weapons, notably a flaming burst scimitar.


Once competed as a gladiator for the dwarven miners that enslaved him during his coming-of-age ritual. Also one of the few currently-living people to have seen bugbears with his own eyes, having fought off a band of them.

Was the victim of a vampire’s dominate and blood drain attacks in the Dark Illusion tower, and nearly fell victim to an elaborate glassfall trap before that. Overall seems to be the one taking the most punishment for the benefit of the party.

His role in the party is primarily as the physical tank. Bruin can take the most punishment in the party, especially when faced with a lot of weak attackers. He is quite good as a damage-dealer as well, allowing him to keep the attention of whomever he faces.

Last name is pronounced “myid-VYED-yiff”

Bruin Medvedev

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