Cecilia Daskalov

A neonate macropod vampire


Her powers are unknown other than her connection to the god Rashnu.


A worshipper of Rashnu in life, she advocated the celebration of lives rather than the suffering caused by their end. After being afflicted by a terminal illness, she begged Rashnu for forgiveness, believing her suffering to be the result of her radical views on death. Her prayer led Dorian Samara, a vampire in the area, to her side. She was taken to the local temple of Rashnu, and after some discussion about her viewpoints on death, Cecilia agreed to become a vampire in her own right – the third time Dorian has had such a thing happen.

Dorian severed the blood bond immediately, wanting to raise Cecilia as a sibling and friend rather than using her as a slave. However, Cecilia is still getting used to this vampire thing, so Dorian’s going to have to overcome that first.

She is temporarily working as a messenger in Bludzen because Dorian was severely wounded and she feels some measure of shame for taking his breastplate earlier in the evening.

Cecilia Daskalov

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