Damian Xinara

An undead felid that serves the Kingdom of Orozhaki


As Damian did not attain lichdom through the standard means, his magical power is somewhat unknown. What is known is that he has no access to divine spells and he is an evocation specialist, refusing to study enchantments or necromancy. It is also known that he has the ability to scry and teleport.

Damian is known to be a tactical genius, at least when it comes to large-scale combat. In small-scale encounters, he needs to be able to prepare in order to be devastating.


For every ten or twelve spells aimed at destroying life, there is a spell that can be used to create life. Most of the time, use of these creation spells is considered a blasphemy against the natural order. However, a lich known as Gizahl developed and cast such a spell on a felid lady he was seducing, Meredith Xinara.

That is all Damian, the result of that spell, knows about his father. Gizahl was defeated and his phylactery shattered when Damian was less than a year old, so he was raised solely by his mother. Damian took an acute interest in arcane magic at a very young age, while he was still mortal, but Meredith continually tried to refuse him access to Gizahl’s work. Finally, Damian ran away at the age of fifteen, stealing a few of his father’s books and a gem-encrusted platinum amulet before setting out on his own.

Damian would have easily been accepted into the various magic colleges with his aptitude, but something was off about his aura and the wizards continually denied him entry. Meanwhile, his health kept slipping, ostensibly due to poor diet but really a result of the spell that was used to create him. Somewhere in the third year of his wandering the world, he fell deathly ill while in a tavern and local healers could do nothing. In fact, attempts to cure the disease actually harmed him. As luck would have it, he really had died, but the spell used to make him transferred his artificial soul into the platinum amulet. Damian was now a lich.

Though depressed at first, Damian was actually the extremely rare example of a benevolent lich, and the only known example in Orozhaki of a lich that could operate openly without fear. Part of this is due to his means to lichdom not being the standard bid for power. Part of this is due to the friendly acts he committed while still alive, which earned him some caring friends that helped him cope with his undead state. Part is due to the fact that unlike the vast majority of liches, he has a fetter – when a young vermis named Sergei tried to pick his pocket, Damian saw how starved the child was and took him in as if he were his own.

In any case, when Damian learned the truth about himself, he shunned his father’s work, destroying any research on the spell used to create him. In fact, he made it his crusade to weed out all such spells for creating artificial life. He could not, however, escape the fact that he was a powerful wizard. As such, he quested towards using his powers to benefit the kingdom, and for his work he was ultimately given a post as primarch of one of the northern provinces of Orozhaki. The people of that province genuinely believe Damian is doing good works for them, especially when he negotiated a truce between the people of the province and the arvicols that were living there.

Damian knows his ambition for breaking the mold about lichdom is an uphill battle – if he lost either Sergei or his phylactery amulet, he wouldn’t know what to do. And unfortunately, it’s been revealed that his amulet was stolen by magic-users who know all about Damian’s tricks. He originally planned to ride up to Nathkirin, the town he rules from, with the party – but he was forced to delay to bring in a gunslinger and his bodyguard. It turned out that his amulet was in Dark Illusion and he had tried to scry and teleport to the place previously – only to find himself stripped of his gear. He is actually somewhat scared about the party’s power, considering they conquered a tower that he could not beat and got him back his amulet.

But he needs the party. Damian is more and more frustrated with his kingdom’s inaction, with several incidents needed to convince them that they were at war. Damian will increasingly rely on the party to circumvent bureaucracy because he has seen the threats to the kingdom firsthand.

Damian Xinara

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