Dominic Bakalov

Male Vermis Magus


These stats represent what Dominic knew in the prologue campaign. Changes since that point are in the GM notes.

CG Small humanoid (rodent)
Init +7
Senses darkvision 60ft.
Perception +1

HP: 27 (5d8-5) (favored class bonus: HP plus five)
AC 20 (touch 15, flat-footed 16) (+3 DEX, +1 size, +1 dodge, +5 chain shirt)
Fort +3
Ref +4
Will +3

Speed 20ft.
short sword +8 (1d4, 19-20 crit)

Special Attacks
Arcane Pool 6 (can use 1 point to turn his planar short sword into +2 keen planar short sword for 1 minute)
Spell Combat (can wield weapon at -2 and cast spell as part of full-round action)
Spellstrike (can deliver touch spells through a weapon attack, uses weapon’s critical range)
Arcane Accuracy (can use 1 point of arcane pool to gain +4 insight bonus to all attacks for 1 round)

Spells (must be prepared in advance, can choose other cantrips from magus spell list at start of adventure if desired)
2nd-level (3/day) – acid arrow, cat’s grace, flaming sphere, web
1st-level (5/day) – burning hands, color spray, chill touch, corrosive touch, frostbite, magic missile, obscuring mist, shocking grasp, true strike, unseen servant
Cantrips (at will) – daze, light, ray of frost, read magic

STR 8, DEX 16, CON 9, INT 18, WIS 9, CHA 10
Base Atk +3
CMB +1
CMD 14
Feats Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (short sword), Dodge, Improved Initiative
Skills Craft (alchemy) +14, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (arcana) +12, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +12, Profession (brewer) +7, Spellcraft +12
Languages Common, Verem, Canis, Draconic, Skyspeak, Terran

Special Qualities
Planar Weapon (ignores 5 points of damage reduction against outsiders)
Small (add 1 to AC and attack, take 1 from CMB/CMD, add 4 to Stealth)
Tinker (+2 Craft Alchemy, Perception, Use Magic Device)
Rodent Empathy (add 4 to Handle Animal for rodents)
Spell Recall (use arcane pool to recall previously prepared magus spell)

Basic Equipment: Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, ink, inkpen, iron pot, mess kit, rope, soap, spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, spellbook, cold-weather outfit
Special Weapons: +1 planar short sword
Special Item: +1 chain shirt


Dominic comes from a family of spellcasters… a family of spellcasters known for using their talents for crime and evil. Dominic was in fact expected to inherit the family business. However, he balked at the idea, and when he faced pressure, he fled his home and went as far away as he could. There, he found himself in a human university for magic. This was no ordinary magic college, however – the military academy was right next door. While visiting the military academy was discouraged of the students, Dominic found ways to sneak into the college for some lessons in the art of battle between his studies in alchemy and magic.

On most days, Dominic uses these talents to impress onlookers at local pubs, while simultaneously assisting the owners of the pubs in establishing their latest brew. However, when crime occurs in his area, Dominic hunts it down, by any means necessary. Most of his opponents so far have been dedicated casters, unused to the idea that someone can wield weapons and magic with near-equal proficiency. As a result, Dominic’s record has been very good – some criminals prove too strong for the young vermis, but most surrender to his wits and agility.

Dominic’s most dangerous mission went disastrously. He had heard that the sulfur mine in the Ethess Mountains was about to get raided by a bandit caravan. His goal was to stop the raid and bring the bandits to justice, but one of his errant spells wound up trapping people in the mine. As a result of this, he was considered a wanted man for crimes against the kingdom. The order was to bring him in alive. He’d been forced to take control of his own gang for his own safety.

This did not last long when his new gang tried to mug people for information – an adventuring party found him, killed most of the gang, and left Dominic a sobbing wreck. Evidence hinted that his part in the mine collapse was indeed an accident, but that only wound up reducing his sentence at trial, not eliminating it. People have rallied to get him released early, as Dominic has a surprising amount of public support for his prior deeds.

Dominic Bakalov

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