Dorian Samara

A drakeling vampire working with the Kingdom of Orozhaki


Known to be a cleric of both Rashnu and Hati – a combination that necessitates a lawful evil alignment. Known to be a daywalker (made possible by his magic abilities).


He is the guard captain of the city of Bludzen, and relatively young for a vampire. In his fifty years, he has only ‘converted’ three people, and all of them begged him to become vampires.

He tends to take his blood supply from criminals. The cooperative ones only get a very minor drain. Uncooperative ones can be drained pretty close to death before Dorian lets go.

As far as his daywalker status goes, Dorian maintains that it is required in order for him to handle his job as a guard captain and as a priest of both Hati and Rashnu. When asked about strengthening the spell that allows for this, he declines the idea, saying that doing so would make people want to work him to “a second death”.

Dorian is actually scared for the party’s lives after what happened in Bludzen. He knows they are elite forces and knows they cleared out the Dark Illusion tower, but the presence of demons and the murder of the mayor of his town has him afraid for one of the few times in his unlife so far. He should be more worried about himself, though – after the party left to deal with the temple of Barong, a mountain suddenly lifted from the ground to the east of Bludzen and fireballs rained down. Dorian was struck by two of them while evacuating citizens, and his condition is quite poor as a result. With the push for him to conduct Samuel’s funeral and possibly even become a stand-in mayor, this injury bodes ill for his town.

Dorian Samara

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