Drake Zephyr

Male Canid Sohei (monk variant)


Very good Strength and Wisdom, good Dexterity. Other stats are average or above average aside from a quite low Charisma.

Quite skilled at matters of physical prowess. Extremely skilled at finding things and determining motives.

Does not wear armor, and wields quite a number of weapons, but can easily fight with his fists.


Tends to only speak when needed. Has a bit of a detective personality.

Saved Bruin from the glassfall trap in the Dark Illusion tower, and later was the one to retrieve Damian’s amulet. Was also victim to hallucinations brought about by a very moldy wood golem in said tower.

His role in the party has shifted slightly. While he is still a damage-dealer who can easily keep up with Rephael when the terrain allows him his horse, magical items found in prior adventures allow him to also fill the role of trap-spotter and disarmer.

Drake Zephyr

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