Fiona Dashimono

Female Felid Bard


Exceptional Charisma, very good Dexterity, good Strength. Other stats are average or above average.

Very skilled in matters of charisma and interaction, quite skilled in various areas of knowledge.

Wears a chain shirt and wields two weapons: a nine-section whip and a composite longbow.


Hails from the northern mountain regions. Does not like to talk about her past. There has been a rumor going around that she is the result of a prophecy.

Knew enough about the magic energy in Dark Illusion to direct the team to destroy the crystal powering the tower’s traps, and was responsible for the final blow that shattered it. As the party’s negotiator, she was also able to intimidate the sciurid group in the Ethess mine into surrendering.

Her role in the party, as mentioned, is that of negotiator. She is also the party’s center of knowledge, doing research between adventures as much as possible. Finally, as the sole arcane caster, she has the most reliable means of dealing with large crowds of enemies. (Yes, even though she’s a bard. Drum solos can make things explode.)

Fiona Dashimono

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