Leticia Hajek

Female Drakeling Inquisitor


NG Medium humanoid (reptilian)
Init +2
Senses darkvision 60ft.
Perception +13
Defenses DR 2/-

HP: 71 (8d8+16) (favored class bonus: HP plus eight)
AC 16 (touch 9, flat-footed 16) (-1 DEX, +1 natural, +6 breastplate)
Fort +7
Ref +1
Will +8

Speed 20ft.
Longspear 11/6 (1d8 add 6, x3 crit, add 2d6 vs evil creatures)
Greatsword 10/5 (2d6 add 6, 19-20 crit, can take -1 attack penalty to add to AC)
Special Attacks
Fire Breath 1/day (20ft line, 1d6 fire damage, save DC 15)
2 claws +8 (1d4 add 3)
Hand of the Acolyte 6/day (can use longspear at 30-foot range, using same to-hit bonus)
Judgment 3/day (lasts until end of combat, can choose two: add 2 to damage rolls, add 2 to attack rolls, add 2 to saving throws, add 2 to AC, or gain fast healing 2)
Judgment Surge 1/day (can add 1 to any judgment bonus for the duration of the judgment; if affecting attack rolls, double bonus to confirm critical; if affecting saving throws, double bonus against curse/disease/poison; if affecting AC, double bonus against critical confirmation)

3rd-level (3/day) – cure serious wounds, heroism, prayer
2nd-level (5/day) – align weapon, cure moderate wounds, effortless armor, weapon of awe
1st-level (5/day) – bless, cure light wounds, forbid action, lend judgment, wrath
Cantrips (at-will) – create water, detect magic, disrupt undead, light, read magic, stabilize

STR 16 (14), DEX 8, CON 15 (13), INT 9, WIS 17 (15), CHA 17 (15)
Base Atk +6
CMB +9
CMD 18
Feats Combat Casting, Judgment Surge, Swap Places, Scholar, Combat Medic, Lookout
Skills Heal +13, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +12, Knowledge (planes) +12, Perception +13, Sense Motive +15
Languages Common, Draconic

Special Qualities
Desert Runner (add 4 to CON checks and Fortitude saves against fatigue, exhaustion, and related effects)
Natural Armor (add 1 to AC)
Arcane Blood (add 2 to Spellcraft, Spellcraft and Knowledge Arcana are always class skills)
Flame Breath (listed above under Special Attacks)
Claws (listed above under Special Attacks)
Magic Domain (note Hand of the Acolyte ability under Special Attacks)
Monster Lore (add 3 to Knowledge checks to identify creature abilities or weaknesses)
Stern Gaze (add 3 to Intimidate and Sense Motive checks)
Cunning Initiative (add 3 to initiative checks)
Detect Alignment (can use one of the alignment detection spells at a time, as a spell-like ability)
Track (add 3 to Survival checks for tracking)
Solo Tactics (every ally counts as possessing teamwork feats to determine whether Leticia benefits)
Bane (for 12 rounds a day, can declare an opponent or creature type and add 2 to attack rolls and 2d6 to damage rolls against them)
Discern Lies (can use this spell for 7 rounds a day)
Lookout (can act in surprise round at either her initiative or adjacent ally’s initiative -1)
Combat Medic (can take 10 and not provoke when using Heal for emergency purposes)

Basic Equipment: Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, candles (10), cheap holy text, flint and steel, healer’s kit, iron pot, manacles, mess kit, rope, soap, spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, wooden holy symbol, cold-weather outfit
Special Weapons: +2 holy longspear, +1 defending greatsword, +2 starknife
Special Armor: Adamantine breastplate (DR 2/-)
Special Items: Belt of Physical Might (STR/CON), Headband of Mental Prowess (WIS/CHA), Bane Baldric (add 5 to number of bane rounds per day)
Stored: +1 banded mail of invulnerability, 1000gp


The Hajek clan of drakelings has long been known for serving Barong, a deity dedicated to protection and the use of magic. Leticia is part of the 12th generation of this family to serve the god, and the second to take long voyages from her desert home in the name of the deity (a member of the 9th generation also did this). However, unlike most of the members and their focus on the magic aspects of the god, Leticia focuses on protecting the weak. This naturally pits her against many a criminal, and she had a spotless record until a powerful demon came close to killing her.

She was encouraged to feel no shame in losing, as she had saved the lives of thirty others by her actions, but something in the back of her mind gave her doubts about her ability. Distraught, she sought the deity for advice, but the deity had sent the avatar of fellow deity Ose to speak to her. The avatar of the god of truth and madness revealed that her actions had contributed directly to the deaths of the two weak mages who summoned the demon, but Leticia responded defiantly to the avatar, claiming the mages were not weak at all in choosing to summon a demon and instead were corrupted by the demon’s influence. The avatar then divulged information on a town full of ‘weak’ people that Leticia should correct.

Leticia couldn’t believe it when she saw it – a town full of thieves and vagabonds! She was not welcome at all within the confines of the town, so she stayed on the edge of it as much as possible, observing and waiting for the right moment. Then a caravan left the town, headed north. Leticia boldly used this chance to break into the local prison, surprised to find a lonely anuran who introduced himself as Ganzorig. Leticia learned from the anuran that the caravan was headed north to the Ethess Mountains – right into one of the Orozhakian kingdom’s sulfur mines! Leticia knew her course of action – she had to stop the raid.

Unfortunately, she wound up trapped with the raiders when the mine collapsed. Now she has been forced to turn her attention to freeing those trapped. Her vendetta has to wait.

And her vendetta did wait. Leticia was part of the group that saved the miners and evacuated the mine. She is considered a hero in the regions near the Ethess Mountains, but doesn’t seem to appreciate the title. She more appreciates what happened later: the fact that her help to the party was enough to turn a potentially difficult fight with the rakshasa found in the mine into a complete and utter curbstomp. Upon hearing that the rakshasa was chaotic and had allies, however, she has headed south to try and get more of the runes and ingots made that were used against the creature.

Unfortunately, it was revealed that she had a falling-out with the local temple of Barong because of the fact that she did not use the magical items herself. She was only able to get any further items after the party convinced the temple’s priest, Lynette, of the worthiness of the item loaning and did a service for the temple in her place – restoring their iron mine. Leticia is now firmly in the party’s favor and has offered to go with them when demon hunting is involved.

Leticia Hajek

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