Phicarda Kagero Caligari

Vampire Peraltan Fighter


Phicarda did have magical abilities as a result of being a vampire, but did not use them to full effect. He instead abused his undead strength and agility and wielded a meteor hammer to what should have been devastating effect. He was unfortunately incapacitated and then beheaded quite quickly by the party.


Persecution of the peraltan race is still a persistent problem in Orozhaki. The race of giraffe people has mostly responded to attempts to drive them off their land with force, but some tribes chose to abandon their lands. The Caligari tribe was one of those who chose to flee. In the ensuing chaos, one of the dominant males, Phicarda, got separated from the tribe and chased even further. He would eventually find himself taking refuge in “Dark Illusion”, which apparently had no traps at the time he went in.

Unfortunately, the lack of traps was because someone had seized the tower and temporarily shut them off. That someone turned out to be a vampire that would only introduce himself as “The Dark Master”. This vampire lured Phicarda to the top of the tower and drained him, choosing to convert him into a vampire slave. The arrangement only lasted a month and a half before “The Dark Master” got his chest impaled on a broken part of one of the cabinets. Phicarda took this one moment of clarity to diablerize “The Dark Master”, draining him of blood and energy completely and taking it for his own.

This turned out to be a bad idea, as the traps reactivated shortly before this incident and now very few people climbed the tower. Every week was a struggle and Phicarda took every effort to drain tower-climbers dry, storing the blood for later use if necessary. As it turns out, one day he accidentally activated a spell placed on the tower that would randomly draw victims to the area… but also left a large amount of shrieking upstairs, driving him more and more insane. Between this behavior, the lingering effects of diablerie, and his unprovoked attack on Bruin when the party got to his room, it can probably be said with complete seriousness that Phicarda’s demise at the party’s hands was a mercy kill.

Phicarda Kagero Caligari

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