Rephael, Slayer of Abominations

Male Canid Paladin


Exceptional Strength, very good Charisma, good Constitution. Dexterity is above average and Intelligence and Wisdom are average.

Extremely skilled in Disguise and Diplomacy.

Wears a pieced-together suit of armor and wields a bastard sword in two hands.


Tends to pass off as a very spiritual ranger. Only the more perceptive types identify him as a paladin – and only when they really mean to.

Was officially the one to destroy Phicarda in the Dark Illusion tower and landed the final blow on Samir in the Ethess Mine.

His role in the party is that of both damage-dealer and healer. The strongest of his damage is limited to evil creatures (primarily outsiders and undead) but he still packs a punch against anything else. Meanwhile, his selection of magic items enhances his “lay on hands” ability to the point where he can use it to save others on the team.

Rephael, Slayer of Abominations

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