Sergei Xinara

A vermis youth that is Damian Xinara's foster child


Sergei is more or less a noncombatant. He’s not even an adult yet. When he does become an adult, he will likely be a rogue or multiclass rogue/sorcerer.


Little is known about Sergei Xinara except that his last name wasn’t initially Xinara. He was abandoned at birth and more-or-less grew up on the street. He was forced to become a pickpocket up until the point that he tried to pick the pockets of a felid. He was caught… but the felid, Damian, saw how desperate the child was and adopted him almost instantly.

Now Sergei gets cared for quite well and also serves as Damian’s student and his link to reality. Damian has revealed that the vast majority of undead who do not go totally insane tend to have an anchor like this.

Sergei Xinara

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