Sithembile Dunnin

A rakshasa spy posing as the mayor of a city in southern Orozhaki


The second rakshasa to run into the party, and in a much more subtle way – by murdering the mayor of Bludzen and taking his place.

Sithembile turned out to be the rakshasas’ spy and informant, and was surprised that Samir had been killed so soon after he had started his infiltration of Bludzen. After being defeated in single combat, primarily aided through a spell that subverted his invisibility magic, he revealed that the “Maharaja” was intent on taking over the world and wanted to start with the toughest kingdom. When he said he had his mind blanked to prevent any information about the Maharaja’s whereabouts from being revealed, the party knocked him out and turned him over to Orozhakian authorities.

Sithembile Dunnin

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