Brief Description: Fey panther people with a serious case of OCD

Physical Description: When they actually want to make their presence known, the kobolds stand upright at about three feet tall and bear the features of cats. Particularly notable are the thin paws for both hands and feet that are both somehow fully capable of grasping objects, as well as glossy black fur that is known to never shed at all. Their attire tends to be simple but otherwise adapted to where they live, although hats and shoes tend to be pointed more often than not.

Nothing is known about kobold lifespans, but youth have been observed within the species.

Preferred Habitat: Kobolds prefer to live in areas very far from humanoid civilization, such as mines, deep forests, and islands. Occasionally, one or two will find themselves in civilization, where they can get by as long as they’re not harassed constantly.

Culture and Society: Little is known of the inner workings of kobold society itself other than the fact that they are always interested in helping each other do everything, to the point of establishing a true communist society. There are no leaders as such; instead, the one to go to for negotiation is the one that’s least afraid of humanoids. All decisions are made by overwhelming majority (85% of the tribe or more, and yes, the youngest get a say in tribe proceedings).

What is also known about kobold society is the psychosis that pervades the race – every last kobold is an obsessive neat freak. This is the trait usually observed when a kobold is stuck in civilization, and why the species does not want to be harassed. This obsession extends to their hunting and gathering skills as well – whatever they kill or gather, they try their hardest to use every last part of it for something.

Racial Language: The kobolds technically can speak the Faerie language used by all fey creatures. However, as a means of maintaining their invisibility, kobolds instead use a limited form of telepathy that only works among members of their own race. The Faerie tongue is generally only used for communicating with other fey and possibly the rare humanoid that knows of their presence.

Known Powers: The kobolds are known for their powers of invisibility and trickery. Other powers have occasionally shown themselves, such as fire control and shapechanging, but those seem to be inherent to certain kobold tribes. The invisibility powers are universal to the species.

Relations: Most races leave the kobolds alone, but occasionally humanoids will try to actually find them. This rarely ends well for either party. Kobolds who wind up in civilization tend to get hidden in a person’s home, where they willingly help with common tasks in exchange for not having to deal with other people.

Why are they not playable?: Kobolds’ obsession with neatness, their communist nature, and their general desire to be secluded from civilization makes them very poor adventurers. Kobolds taking a liking to the outside world are basically unheard of.

What makes them hostile?: Anything that grossly triggers their obsession for neatness and/or tries to circumvent their invisibility is likely to set the kobolds off. Minor offenses can be brushed off as a coincidence. Something as dramatic as, say, spreading ashes to try and track the kobold will get the offender viciously attacked.


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