Rakshasas are born of the evils of the Material Plane, but wield powers equivalent to some fiends. Typically, their philosophy is that everyone has their place in life and lesser folks should serve better ones willingly, but this philosophy can get quickly distorted if a maharaja (their leader caste) shows itself.

Known families of rakshasa include:
Horak: Tends to have the megalomaniacs, and in fact the last few maharajas have all come from this family. Fear is their dominion and there is no information on this family’s weakness.
Shulac: Generally sadistic and tends to be the fate of torturers. Recently, a few members of this family have shown masochistic tendencies as well. Their specialty is magic, but their bodies are less resistant to damage than normal for rakshasas.
Dunnin: Generally the fate of traitors and tends to favor a lot of manipulation and behind-the-scenes action, even by normal rakshasa standards. They make good leaders and negotiators, but they have a tendency to eschew combat technique.
Sykora: Usually the fate of tyrannical warlords, hedonistic even by the standards of rakshasas. They are also the most brutal of the known families and the only family that is naturally willing to act in the open. They are tougher than average for a rakshasa and can outright resist divine energy, unlike the majority of evil creatures. Unfortunately for them, they have little resistance to magic by rakshasa standards.
Patil: Tends to draw amoral researchers and is the most likely to betray their principles to get things done. To them, the ends justify any means. This also leaves them the easiest family to manipulate. In exchange, they are the fastest learners.

These are by no means the only families. Many more are likely to exist.


For those without any magic affinity, some rakshasas can be detected by very peculiar food choices (frozen pickled eels, for instance). However, spotting a rakshasa out of a crowd is a task best left to mages. Slaying a rakshasa is even tougher – it generally requires divine power and a piercing implement to focus it. Blessed crossbow bolts are the most common tool in a rakshasa-slayer’s arsenal.


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