Special House Rules


Normal rules for raising and resurrecting the dead suggest that outsiders cannot be raised. For the Zhaltssom setting, this rule only partially applies. Any outsider with the “native” subtype (such as all playable outsiders) can be raised, resurrected, or reincarnated as if they were normal humanoids. (Generally speaking, this rule is made to prevent people playing the outsider races as characters from worrying too much about rerolling their characters or getting them back.)

However, those who die of old age still can’t be raised or resurrected. Reincarnation is their only option.

(Constructs, elementals, non-native outsiders, and undead creatures still can’t be raised, resurrected, or reincarnated unless their descriptions specifically say they can. Worry not, the playable construct and undead races specifically can be subject to these methods of revival.)

Falling Damage

The author of the campaign setting never agreed with the flat notion of 10 feet equalling 1d6 damage, without any variation. Therefore, the formula for falling damage is as follows for any campaigns in the Zhaltssom setting:

Xd6, where X = 2^((Feet fallen / size factor) – 1); round the feet fallen to the nearest multiple of the size factor before calculating

Size factors are as follows:

Size Factor
Fine Immune
Diminuitive 10
Tiny 10
Small 10
Medium 10
Large 20
Huge 30
Gargantuan 40
Colossal 50

In the case of Small- and Medium-size creatures, this results in the following table:

Feet Fallen Damage
10 1d6
20 2d6
30 4d6
40 8d6
50 16d6
60 32d6
+10 feet x2 damage

Ready Round

A special ‘ready round’ is available in certain situations adjudicated by the DM, such as when someone attacks an intruder who is aware of their presence but has only just stumbled across them. In these scenarios, characters who did not have a chance to act during the surprise round but are aware of their enemy can take one action, whether that’s standard, move, or swift, but are not forced to do so. Those who do not take actions in this round roll their initiative normally for the combat. Those who DO take actions in the ready round either take a -10 penalty to the initiative check for that combat (players) or act last in the initiative order (NPCs).

The point of this rule is that there are situations where a ready person could complete one action because they were prepared, but it would be unfeasible for them to actually accomplish anything else before the enemy gets to them.

Massive Damage

Sometimes a single shock is all it takes to bring a creature down. If a single attack deals more than 50% of your maximum hit points in damage (with a minimum of 50 points) and it doesn’t outright kill you, you must make a Fortitude save (DC of 15, plus 1 for every 5% of your HP in damage past 50%). If this save fails, you automatically slip into a coma and will die in 1 round unless you are magically healed. If you are magically healed, you instead suffer mortal exhaustion – the effects are the same as exhaustion, except that the -6 penalty instead applies to all ability checks, saves, skill checks, and attack rolls. Mortal exhaustion can be cured by greater restoration, regenerate, or a wish or miracle that mimics these effects. Mortal exhaustion also goes away after 8 hours of complete rest.

If you suffer a second such shock while already under the effects of mortal exhaustion and fail the Fortitude save again, you die immediately.

(More to come as needed.)

Special House Rules

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