Brief Description: Rabbit people, distantly related to the vermis

Physical Description: Superficially, the usagi resemble oversized rabbits, though even at adulthood they are only as large as a human child.

The usagi live slightly shorter lives than the vermis, lasting about 45 years on average.

Preferred Habitat: Like the vermis, the usagi can tolerate living just about anywhere. Unlike the vermis, however, the usagi prefer a slight distance from the bustle of cities, and thus tend to live in the surrounding farmland areas.

Culture and Society: The usagi inherited the gnomish love of machines that the vermis were taught, and some of the vermis wanderlust, but the similarities between the cultures end there. The usagi prefer to spread out their families a little more and they put their mechanical pursuits towards working the land. Whether miners, masons, farmers, or some other profession relying on the land, the usagi have been credited with many of the advanced developments used by other societies in these fields.

Usagi culture and society revolves around honorable deeds. Their leaders are the most honorable in action and thought, and many usagi would rather die than be without honor.

History, Myths, and Events: The usagi are actually known to be an offshoot of the vermis, but few know when the actual split between the races occurred. Many believe it happened about a millennium and a half ago, when the old pantheon died and the new one rose up. What the usagi believe about the schism is that the vermis focus on family is too strong to be of benefit in the long term, with their ‘proof’ being the vermis criminal families. The usagi instead believe that in addition to looking forward to future generations, honoring others is paramount. It is this core belief of theirs that makes them approachable by almost any other race on Zhaltssom.

Relations: The vermis get along surprisingly well with the usagi, but the usagi get along with just about any other race. Perhaps the only race that has trouble with the usagi is the arvicols, and that’s primarily a side effect of the usagi’s easygoing nature. (Basically, many arvicols fear that any usagi will have friends who want to see the arvicol dead – and that the usagi won’t rein them in.)

Preferred Classes: The usagi take up class levels less often than the vermis do, but not by much. What is known to be different is that the usagi will take up more martial pursuits than most vermis do. Many become fighters, relying on swift technique and insight into the opponent’s moves than on raw strength.

As Player Characters: (What do players need to keep in mind when playing a member of this race?)

Racial Statistics:

Starting Ages: Between 8 and 17 years

Heights: Between 3’6" and 4’5"

Weights: Between 65 and 95 lbs.

Racial Traits:

Ability Score Racial Traits: The usagi, much like the vermis, are agile and clever, yet physically weak. They gain +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, and –2 Strength.

Type: Usagi are humanoids with the rodent subtype.

Size: Usagi are Small and thus gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty on combat maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Speed: Usagi have a base speed of 20 feet due to their shorter legs.

Languages: Usagi begin play speaking Common and Verem. Usagi with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Gnomish, Canis, Felis, Draconic, Skyspeak, Terran, and Soleno.

Tinker: Usagi gain a +2 racial bonus on Craft (alchemy), Perception, and Use Magic Device checks.

Fortune’s Favor: The usagi are widely considered to be a very lucky race. While not quite as true as most people believe, the usagi do in fact possess some level of fortune above that of other races, and they revel in it. The usagi gain a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws. Against fear effects, this bonus increases to +3.

Low-Light Vision: The usagi can see twice as well as humans can in conditions of dim lighting.


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