Samir Shulac

An elephant-headed rakshasa, more magically-inclined but slightly weaker in body


Samir shares most of the stats of the common rakshasa. However, he is considered to have a caster level two levels higher than common rakshasas have, and a slightly different spell set. In exchange, his skin, while still capable of turning aside many mortal weapons, is noticeably weaker than that of the common rakshasa, resulting in a lower DR. Finally, instead of wielding a kukri, Samir brandishes a spiked chain with deadly accuracy.


Samir is a rakshasa, a fiendish creature whose origins are actually on the Material Plane. The reincarnation of a decadent torturer, Samir is actually not well-respected among his fellows. See, while Samir does know the indirect ways of the rakshasa, the illusionist abilities the rakshasas are known for having are not as well-developed in him. Instead, he has learned more powerful and spectacular magicks, encompassing defensive and indirect attack spells. That, plus him having an elephant head rather than the more common cat or snake head, gets him relegated to guard duty much more than he’d like. As such, Samir is ridiculously irritable compared to most rakshasas.

If he could just gain control of a cult and lead for once! Samir actually would earn his chance if he just holds on to this rare scroll he found while excavating a cave at the request of fellow cult members. They have promised him some mortal slaves and a few immortal allies if he succeeds in bringing back the scroll. Unfortunately for him, he failed in this task, running into a party of adventurers that actually succeeded in bringing him harm. As a result, he remains a lackey of a higher power – and has sworn vengeance against those that stopped him.

His vengeance would not only go unrealized when Roderick and the party encountered him in the Ethess sulfur mine, but Samir would be utterly and thoroughly trashed and his powers would prove completely ineffective. Even his last attempt to warn his boss, “Maharaja”, about Rephael’s power would be cut short. In the end, Samir was not only proven to be a complete and total failure as a rakshasa, he would also be found to be chaotic, which goes completely against the rakshasa ethos. The scroll he sought was nowhere to be found, though, which means he may have succeeded at something after all.

It is worth noting that Samir had a love of coconuts. As they are rarely native to any area where he winds up, extended guard duty tended to result in him getting some teleported coconuts. He could tell the difference between fresh and teleported, but he did not seem to mind, knowing that the alternative was going without.

Samir Shulac

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