Brief Description: Crazy squirrel-people with a penchant for alchemy

Physical Description: A typical sciurid stands about 3 to 4 feet tall and weighs roughly 60 to 70 pounds. Sciurids primarily resemble squirrels, especially in the shape of their face and of their large, fluffy tails. Also, more comparable to rodents in general but somewhat observed in squirrels, sciurids have teeth that grow throughout their lives and need to be ground back down in some fashion.

Sciurids live about 30 years. Rumors persist that they could live longer, but their constant exposure to chemicals ensures their mortality.

Preferred Habitat: Sciurids prefer forested regions and temperate to slightly cold climates. Forests near mountains are especially prized, because those areas provide raw minerals for their research.

Culture and Society: Oddly by the standards of monstrous races, the sciurids believe in creating things. Unfortunately, many of these things that they create are via alchemy and sciurid concoctions are quite toxic to living creatures. As a result, the race as a whole is stricken by chemically-induced madness, often manifesting as single-minded determination towards odd activities, but sometimes in more hostile forms. Surprisingly, this madness only extends to their views on races that aren’t their own – the sciurids themselves understand each other’s insanities on a fundamental level, and infighting is rare. Sciurid villages tend to be built like an artist’s nightmare, with geometries that shouldn’t work but somehow do.

Sciurid society (such as it is) tends to prefer rulers who are slightly insane already. The most insane are best left to their craft and the least insane haven’t been around enough experiments to know how to direct people.

Racial Language: The sciurids speak a language known as Xerina. Even for those proficient in the language, Xerina is hard to understand coming out of a sciurid’s mouth unless they’ve been raised by said creatures – primarily because the sciurids speak it at a ridiculously fast pace. Sciurids also tend to vary their tone depending on how insane they are.

Known Powers: The sciurids possess highly developed senses, extreme cunning, climbing ability, and a resistance to poison. Sages debate whether this poison resistance is natural or a side effect of the race’s obsession with alchemy.

Relations: The sciurids are the sworn enemies of most civilized races due to their insanity, but the skinks in particular despise them as direct competitors and clever enough to get around their traps. Skink propaganda would have you believe that many childhood deaths among their race are caused by the sciurids – and this is only partially exaggerated.

Why are they not playable?: The widespread insanity that pervades the sciurid race is what makes them poorly suited to being playable. It’s not like most of them can function properly in a civilized area.

What makes them hostile?: Don’t interrupt their research and don’t try to prevent their mineral gathering efforts. Even then, there is a chance that they may attack during one of their insane episodes.


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