Races: Demons, devils, and any servant of evil deities will know this language very well. Occasionally a servant of a neutral or good deity will know a pidgin of the language, but rarely do they learn to use the language to full effect.

Professions: Magic users and those who deal with religious matters should consider learning the language. Demons and devils are always ridiculously chatty.

Comparable Sounds: When heard, the language always reverberates with some level of power, as if multiple people are talking at once. Native speakers who are male will have very low voices, whereas native female speakers tend to have very high voices. The language in general is meant to unsettle those who are not trained in how it works.

Notable Aspects: Insults practically rule the language. Even something as simple as a greeting is intended as a thinly-veiled insult. Profanities are disturbingly common in the language and speakers take it upon themselves to repurpose words for their own dark intentions.

The language does not at all comprehend any positive qualities, only ever describing them as an absence of negative concepts.

Key Words/Phrases:

“Shak Panakiv”: Translates literally to “Your Ignorance.” Notice the capital letter on the second word – this is a formal greeting to a direct superior, and often gets tacked on to any acknowledgements of direct orders.

“Marwel Zhikauis Nornas?”: Translates literally to “Where are your ears?” This is the question typically asked when someone talks about a concept the speaker does not comprehend, and tends to get used to interrupt someone who prattles on and on.


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