Brief Description: Tauric creatures resembling cheetahs through and through

Physical Description: From the waist up, the acinonyxians resemble humanoid versions of cheetahs. Below the waist, they resemble the same cats. It’s basically like the head of a cheetah was replaced with a cheetah-like person’s upper body.

Acinonyxians are known to live more than a century, but little is known beyond that.

Preferred Habitat: The acinonyxians prefer wide-open areas, such as grasslands and high mountains.

Culture and Society: Acinonyxians rely on power, plain and simple. Unlike the blattar, who try to dominate people through their physical attributes, the acinonyxians rely on magic to intimidate and enslave others. They are also an exceptionally greedy race. They can essentially be viewed as what happens when the arrogance and power of a dragon is distilled into a non-reptilian race.

Acinonyxian society is hard to classify as such – it is built on slavery, and the acinonyxians rely on magic, but little is known beyond that. Rumors tend to continually persist that the souls of slaves are literally used in creating some of the most impressive buildings. Also, leaders and powerful people tend to randomly disappear when their time is up – the story goes that the acinonyxians wield so much power that their bodies ultimately can’t contain it, and they vanish when this threshold is passed.

Racial Language: Jubatus is the racial language of the acinonyxians. It is a mutated form of Felis, to the point where a Felis speaker can’t make heads or tails of it. The basic notion to keep in mind if learning Jubatus is “forget syntax” – the language runs together in such a way that multiple ways to structure the same thought are always available.

Known Powers: Aside from their superior balance and heightened physical abilities, acinonyxians possess keen senses and an affinity for arcane magic. Many members of the race are either sorcerers or summoners. Some are even able to wield divine magic through arcane means.

Relations: The acinonyxians don’t get along with most races, though felids can sometimes get through to them. This is mainly due to their superiority complex – the acinonyxians really do believe they’re better than anyone else.

Why are they not playable?: Not only does this race have too much power, they have far too much arrogance to be good adventurers. That’s to say nothing of the fact that quadrupeds of their size don’t fit well in narrow dungeon spaces.

What makes them hostile?: Don’t try to prove yourself above these people – if you succeed, they WILL lash out in envy, and if you fail, they’ll try to use you as a slave or simply for food. Also, never address their race as anything other than ‘acinonyxians’ or their individuals as the lengthy names they claim to have – they despise their identities being trivialized.


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