Races: Angelic beings and any servant of the good-aligned deities is likely to know this language by heart. Some servants of neutral or evil deities will understand the language as well.

Professions: Any profession that deals with religious matters on a regular basis would be wise to learn at least a small amount of this language. Divine servants don’t actually talk much to mortals directly, but what little they do say tends to have a great impact.

Comparable Sounds: When heard, the language almost sounds more like a choir than something one person could actually say. Aside from that, native speakers will always have a tenor or alto voice – in other words, relatively high-voiced males and low-voiced females. The overall effect is intended to be rather soothing.

Notable Aspects: Uttering any kind of profanity in Celestial is generally accepted as an impossible task given the structure of the language. In fact, it is very difficult indeed to insult someone directly in Celestial, as its speakers are taught to interpret most nonsense phrases that would otherwise come off as insulting into thinly veiled compliments. Indirect insults, on the other hand, are practically an art form, generally in the style of giving compliments on the wrong things.

The language has developed its own unique words for negative concepts such as fear and death, but such words are incredibly obscure and only used in writing for the sake of comprehension. Instead of using these special words, negative concepts are usually approached in Celestial as a lack of desirable qualities.

Key Words/Phrases:

“Ne Lelku Savsaika”: This translates to “Don’t be afraid” (or more literally, “Be not without heart”) and tends to be the common greeting of divine servants when addressing the mortal races. This is especially true if said divine servant has a very unsettling or alien appearance and can’t disguise it.

“Rul Ip Savparnous”: This translates to “I don’t understand” (more literally, “I am without understanding”). Usually, this is a lesser divine servant’s response when a mortal asks about particularly negative concepts, but mortals who learn Celestial also utter this if they do not have a full grasp of the language yet.


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